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Over the years, we used to stand and cook food with a lot of smoke that would enter our lungs and make us sick. Gone are those days now.

Inspired from German Technology, HOEFLER is here to offer you with some trending chimneys loaded with the latest technology and a lot of advancements for a healthy cooking experience. The brand has been known for delivering the best products from many years. And, is here again with an improved version with chimneys that will give a new look to your kitchen. It will also let you enjoy cooking delicious food for your loved ones with ease and comfort.

About Hoefler

Our Speciality

HOEFLER has satisfied customers and has a positive goodwill in the market from the previous buyers that give the new ones a sense of security while buying its products. Our products built on the pillars of safety, innovation, durability and trust, making the brand the first choice in millions of homes.

Due to a wide range, shop for the chimney according to the requirement of your kitchen. HOEFLER is known for its chimneys made from high-quality material that will last longer and give you full value for money along with 100% customer satisfaction. All you need to book an appliance that will get delivered to your doorstep as per terms and conditions of the company. Demo can also be provided to you by well-qualified experts to make you feel comfortable in its use.

Our Speciality

Our Range of Chimneys

We offer a wide range of chimneys, starting from basic to contemporary ones. All are available at affordable prices, which you can see by browsing our Chimneys section.

With our head office in Delhi, the brand is surely going to be your best companion when you think of buying chimneys for your kitchen. Make your kitchen a smoke-free zone even when you cook, fry, steam or grill and enjoy mouth-watering dishes cooked within seconds in a healthy and hygienic ambience. Not only this, but it adds elegance to your kitchen and gives a dash of luxury to your place that your guests will envy for sure.

Our Range of Chimneys

Our Belief

HOEFLER believes in maintaining a proper balance of class and luxury in your kitchen. Thus, it offers world-class chimneys that are made of excellent quality. It also gives the buyers with warranty so that they can keep their product in a perfect working condition.

Chimneys from HOEFLER are easy to clean. Our Stores also provide service facility to keep your product in working order (if required). These chimneys will keep your kitchen dirt and smoke free.

Forget about the exhaust fans that tend to get dirty with a lot of carbon and oil. It causes a lot of airborne diseases. Hence, book yourself a new chimney to give your kitchen a fresh feel with world-class products.

Our Belief
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